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Music is our life and we love bringing new students into such an exciting and rewarding world. Whether it is piano lessons for children or violin lessons for seniors, or anything in between, we offer everything for people who truly have an interest in music and a desire to be the best they can be. Corner Music is dedicated to excellence in serving the needs of the Connecticut shoreline music community from our current location at the corner of Main Street and Old Boston Post Road in Old Saybrook.


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Piano – The Gateway to Musical Greatness

During the 1600s, there were two very popular musical instruments that were taking Europe by storm. Back then, if you wanted to be a “rock star”, you either played the clavichord or the harpsichord. These two instruments had a lot in common with the pianos we know today, but they had a few problems that put a limit on just how far one could go with them. People who played the clavichord had excellent control over the tones and notes they could get out of it, but it just couldn’t play very loudly. If you wanted to play to a crowded house, you’d have a lot of trouble being heard. People who played the harpsichord found themselves facing the exact opposite problem. They could play loud, but the sound was a little sloppy and they couldn’t control the sound of the notes they played very well. An Italian musician named Bartolomeo Cristofori decided that he would build a new kind of musical instrument that would give musicians the best of both worlds – clear and controlled tone along with the ability to play loudly enough for anyone to hear. In 16983, he accomplished this goal and that is when the modern piano was born. Ever since then, the piano has become more and more popular throughout the world and is now the most widely played instrument on Earth. Continue reading

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Music Lessons and Appreciation Found to Benefit the Brain

In many recently performed studies, scientists have discovered the fact that both listening and playing music, particularly classical music, have a profoundly positive impact on the brain. This is often referred to as the “Mozart Effect”. Among the works of Mozart that are especially prominent in this phenomenon are his Baroque period 60 beat per minute pieces. Continue reading

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Music and Musical Instruction Prove Beneficial for People with Mental Impairments

While most everyone is aware of the fact that autism brings many challenges and obstacles to the lives of those affected by the disorder, there are many facests of autism that people are not aware of.

One such characteristic of autism is the fact that most autistic children have little to no impairment in musical ability. This is largely due to Continue reading

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