Here’s how we do summer:

Unlike the school year, there are no set session weeks. We understand it’s next to impossible to commit to weekly lessons in between your kids’ camps, family vacations, and just plain relaxation time! That’s why you can choose to do as few or as many lessons as you’d like, and you pick which weeks!

The weeks available are listed below. To register, you contact us via phone                      (860-395-3500) or email( and indicate which weeks you would like to schedule lessons. Each lesson is $45, so we simply multiply the number of lessons you choose by 45 and that’s your tuition. *Important note: Since you are making your own schedule, we do not offer makeup lessons during the summer. Please, please check your schedule carefully before registering as there are no makeups or credits for missed summer lessons.*

Summer Lessons are available during any of the following weeks this summer:

June 22-27

June 29-July 3

July 6-July 11

July 13-18

July 27-Aug 1

Aug 3-8

Aug 10-15

Aug 17-22

Aug 24-29

Why take lessons during the summer?

By the end of the school year, many of our students have made such amazing progress on their instruments!! By taking a few lessons over the summer, you can keep that momentum going! Summer Brain Drain is a real thing (we witness it in our own household!) so one way to keep the mind going is by playing music without the school year pressure of homework and studying!!

Summer Camps

Another super-fun thing we offer at Corner Music in the summer are School 4 Rock Summer Day Camps!  Lead by Jonathan, your children will have a blast playing their instruments with other kids….like a real band!! Running Monday - Friday 9:30-2:30, you will be amazed byFriday what the group sounds like! In fact, you can see for yourself on Friday 2:30 when we invite you and your family to hear the kids play what they’ve worked on all week!

Many of our students are repeat campers…School 4 Rock Day Camps are THAT fun!! Camp tuition is $225. There are three levels of camps: Beginner (no prior experience necessary), Intermediate (playing about a year), and Advanced (best for kids 12+ who are experienced players). We are keeping camps small – 4 or 5 kids – so please don’t delay your registration! Dates are as follows:


July 6-10 (2 spots left)


July 13-17 (private camp, no available spots – more on that below!)

Aug 3-7 (3 spots left)00000


Aug 10-14 (drummer position filled, 2 other instrumentalists welcome!)

Aug 17-21 (drummer position filled)

This summer, we have kept the summer camp schedule light because we’ve had lots of our students approach us asking if they can come on a certain week for camp with a few buddies! We thought, “How fun, let’s do it!” So if your child wants to make a band with a few friends, pick a week this summer that isn’t already planned and we will be happy to work out a camp around you!

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