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Piano – The Gateway to Musical Greatness

One of the ways in which starting with piano helps people to branch out into other instruments later on is due to the piano’s overall approachability. It is an instrument that almost everyone knows about and can begin to play even if they do not have any prior musical experience or fully developed motor skills. With most other instruments, something as basic as just making a sound can be difficult to learn. With woodwind and brass instruments, you need to learn how to position your lips just right and with string instruments such as the violin, your wrist actions need to be extremely precise or you’ll be in for some unpleasant sounds. When it comes to playing the piano, you just have to press down a key and that’s it. It’s pure and simple and not overwhelming in the least. Because of the ease of beginning at playing the piano, most students will have early success and this is key in building confidence and a general enjoyment of the instrument. When children make progress, they feel good about themselves and when they feel good about themselves, they’ll want to keep going and make even more progress. Continue reading

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Music Lessons and Appreciation Found to Benefit the Brain

In many recently performed studies, scientists have been discovering the fact that both listening and playing music, particularly classical music, have a profoundly positive impact on the brain. This is often referred to as the “Mozart Effect”. Among the works of Mozart that are especially prominent in this phenomenon are his Baroque period 60 beat per minute pieces. Continue reading

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Music and Musical Instruction Prove Beneficial for People with Mental Impairments

While most everyone is aware of the fact that autism brings many challenges and obstacles to the lives of those affected by the disorder, there are many facests of autism that people are not aware of. One such characteristic of … Continue reading

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